Cast List

After a week of auditions, where over 100 students tried out, my colleague & I finally came up with a Cast List for our first show. We managed to stretch a show that was intended for 6 actors and cast 27 instead. That’s 27 out of over 100… Yep. It’ll get posted first thing in the morning. Hopefully before the students arrive… so we can run away…

Yes, we’re chicken!!

Because tomorrow is a big day. That list could really make someone’s day/year, if a student found himself on it. For others, it could be crushing…

I hope it isn’t. Instead, I hope my students try again. Audition again. Do their best to improve their skills for next time. Show their tenacity and persevere. Refuse to take no for an answer. Walk away realizing that “casting is selection and not rejection.” Be a stronger person. Be proud of themselves regardless.

For those who receive a role, I hope my students are humble. Feel honored. Rise to the challenge of preparing a role. Honestly. Wholeheartedly. Do their “acting homework.” Step out of their comfort zone. Try new things. Grow as artists. Stay modest. Support their fellow artists. Have a positive experience.

And I hope I can help all of my students along the way, whether on or off the Cast List.

Ya know. No pressure?!?! 😜



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