My Favorite Day of the Year – Parent’s Day!

What a neat idea!!! I’m going to share this with my school’s administration 👍

#WHsoc20 Blog

0919140715 Parent’s Day Breakfast!

WHAT A DAY! Today we celebrated and shared with a portion of our school community that is just as important as the teaching staff – the parents (who am I kidding? MORE important). My high school has about 1,100 students and today we almost added an additional 400 or so additional people in and around our building.  The addition of just those few bodies really filled the space fast. I commented to a parent about how truly crowded it felt.

We started the day with a generous breakfast, quick comments by our NHS President, Superintendent, and Principal. A word of thanks for the continual support of the student body, a positive plug for being one of 9 districts in the state of Wisconsin that truly excelled on the state report card, a few rules of the day, and then a “good luck” wish for the parents as they hit…

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