The Value of Failing!

Mistakes can make the best art!! Do it, students. Fail sometimes. It’ll be good for you πŸ˜‰

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I know this title of my post has you thinking, what in the wold is this teacher saying. Why is she saying that there is value in failing. My belief is that we all need to fail in order to succeed. We all need to take risks and try new things. If we are not successful then we try again. It is ok to fail. Why because in my classroom hangs this sign:


I truly believe that when we or our students fail it is not a bad thing. it is simply our First Attempt In Learning. We all must take that chance in order to be successful. How do we learn if we do not take risks? How do we succeed if we do not try? Nobody is successful 100 percent of the time! It is ok to Fail.

Failing teaches us procedures. Failing teaches us to think on…

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