About Me

I’m a drama teacher at Woodside High School, home of the Arts and Communications magnet of Newport News Public Schools in Virginia. In the past two years, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to not only being a great theatre arts instructor and overall teacher, but to also be a digitally connected 21st teacher.

Many other secondary drama teachers I’ve associated with think this is unnecessary or refuse to even try “technology” out. I’m determined to change their minds and incorporate the benefits of technology in my classroom and share my successes. And yes– even my challenges, disappointments and daresay failures with it!

Finally, since I’ve decided to be a “connected teacher,” I’ve noticed my connection and relationship with students improving and even flourishing much more than before. I hope this blog can further this dialogue with my pupils, former, current, and future ones!

Other random tidbits: I believe my strengths as a theatre artist are in this order: Stage manager, Director, and Actor. I hold a BA in Drama from UNC at Greensboro and an MA in Teaching from Christopher Newport University. I’m a wife with a cute, sweet, black rescue dog I call my child. For now 🙂 I’m a news junkie and even DVR it so I can get caught up when I come home late from rehearsals. I consider myself an amateur foodie. And I love to travel (who doesn’t?)!!


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